Plants I am Growing Hydroponically

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This page provides a list of plants I am growing hydroponically. I am not sure if they will all work, but I am going to try and see what happens.

The thing about gardening for yourself, there are no rules. You are free to come up with your own ideas or research and see what others are trying.

I am not sure how well all of these will do in the winter even though the greenhouse will be heated. I know that for pollination I will need to put a fan in so there is a gentle breeze to break the pollination loose.

Some are open pollinated and some are hybrids.

(8-03-2019)  Well with my surgery and recovery, and business to run, I did not have the energy or time to focus on the hydroponic growing like I should have. My plants grew quickly and I was not able to keep a record like I wanted to. 

So we will try again in 2020 but we will be setting up our system at our new mini-farm.  We will have four acres of land to work with.

I did try to grow too much and too close together. We will reset and retry again 2020.


Arcadia, Calabrese, De Cicco, Marathon, Raab Spring


Chinese Red Dragon, Dutch, Red Express


Amazing, De Purple, Flame, Sicilian Violet


Champion, Georgian Southern, Morris Heading and Vates


Pickling Calypso, Asian Suyo Long, Slicing Diva and Gherkin Mexican Sour.


Patio Baby, Casper, Clara, Long Purple and Orient Charm.


I am not sure how much one plant will produce but we shall see.  In most cases, I can pick a few leaves and the plant will keep growing.

Basil Asian Sweet Thai, Basil Dark Opal, Basil Genovese, Basil Italian Large Leaf, Chives Garlic, Cilantro Calypso, Cilantro Long Standing, Celery Cutting, Dandelion, Dill Bouquet, Echinacea Purpurea, Epazote, Lavender Vera, Oregano Greek, Parsley Forest Green, Parsley Giant of Italy, Rosemary, Rue, Sage Common, Savory Winter, Shiso Red and Thyme Creeping.


Olympic Red, Winterbor, Red Russian and Toscano.


Buttercrunch, Cherokee, Crispino, Red Sails, Rouge D'Hiver, Encore, Premium Salad Mix and Fivestar Greenhouse Mix.

In the picture below I am growing a lot of things hydroponically but the thing that seems to be doing the best right now is the Cherokee lettuce.  It has grown really well and has provided a lot of good eating. 

But now I have let it get too big so I have cut it down and put it in the compost pile.  I need to go through and cut down a lot of things I was growing just to see how they would do.

Large Cherokee Lettuce is growing from the white hydroponic pipe in the greenhouse.


Bell Gourmet, Bell Islander, Hot Mad Hatter, Cayenne Bangkok and Jalapeno Earl.


Abundant, New Zealand and Space


Cherry Patio, Cherry Sun Gold and Slicing Campbell's 33.

I am not trying a beefsteak type tomato since I believe it would be too large.

These are the ones I am going to start out with.

Well I got ill and did not get to grow things like I wanted to. They got out of hand and ended up having to compost many of the plants.


  • Heather Cooke

    I grow tomatoes in a 4" pvc NFT system, my favorite is Big Beef and Super Sweet 100’s…

  • Irene cummins

    My husband and I grow hydroponically. This spring will be 3 years. the first year I canned over 500 jalapenos. Last year my husband put green bean seeds in the bucket and they took off. We have had no luck with bell peppers. They do not get big at all. We have not had a lot of luck with tomatoes also. We start way to late in the season but this year we will start early. So we start our 4th. year still learning and having no weeds to pull. We live near Bryan/ College Station

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