Country Mini Farm

by David Schulze

This page is our Country Mini Farm home page. It will be and is the history and record of what we are going through, doing, growing, raising and so on. We will be putting everything here that we can. We will be recording our experiences in word, picture, video and even some drone stuff.

Today, 7-29-2019 is an exciting day for us. In just a few hours, we will be buying four acres of sandy farm land that has not been plowed since 2009. 

If you follow us then you know we are big Dave Ramsey fans. A few years back we were heavily in debt. We almost lost our home a couple of times. But God was merciful to us and we were able to pay it off last year, just in time for me to get sick. I almost died, there were times when the pain was so great, that I wished I were dead. But God showed me mercy again and today I am completely healed.

(In the picture is us signing for the land. You can see Juanita's face and my right hand behind the coffee cup.)

Anyway we are back in debt again. We will use the money from the sale (which sold within two days and to the first couple it was shown to) of our home to pay for the land, use as a down payment, 30% for the new home we are getting, and put the rest in savings.  We believe we will have this new debt paid off in 2 to 3 years.

I had been hunting for land for some time, mostly along the highways, thinking that to accomplish what I wanted to do I would require land along the highway somewhere. But it is expensive. I needed to be somewhat close to San Antonio for the benefit of my team members.

Last spring, we went to a seed festival. This seed festival was out in the middle of nowhere. There were thousands and thousands of people in attendance. 

It was here that I started to realize that we did not have to be next to a major highway. It opened up a lot of possibilities. We started searching for land that was not next to a major highway.

But still, it was more than I wanted to pay. Forty years ago my parents sold some land for $2,000 an acre. I guess I was hoping to find some for that same price. I did find some, in the desert of El Paso, Texas.

Follow our journey. There will never be a dull moment. The first thing we have come to find out is nothing seems to go according to plan. You just have to be patient.

Today is 9-24-2019.  A lot has happened but I have not been able to keep up.  My wife has started a site called Mrs. David's Garden Seeds. Here she has posted up-to-date daily information to include frustrations.

I hope to be able to start updating by the end of October 2019.

It is now December 28, 2019 and I have still not been able to update any. We have just been too busy.

It is now January 2021 and we have moved our business from San Antonio out here.  We  have a nice little complex set up.  Come visit us when you can. 

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For a lot more details, including a day by day journal of our move, go to Mrs. David's Garden Seeds® here.