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It is finally cool at 83° Fahrenheit at 1pm here in Rossville, Texas and that means we can start the farm tours back up. Farm tours are $5 per person. Ages two and under are free.

You get a tour guide who will take you and your party around our farm, pointing out whatever is growing this time of year. You can see the chickens and rabbits as well as our koi and goldfish. If a vegetable is ready to harvest, you may be able to pull up a carrot or pick a pepper. That depends on when you come and what is ready. Bring a hat and some good walking shoes, not sandals. We have a lot of stickers as well as snakes, spiders, scorpions, and fire ants.

There are gopher piles of sand because they dig every night. You would never expect them to dig under the garden cloth out in the "back 40" but they have made walking a challenge. You can see our orchard with all sorts of trees. Keep in mind they are only two  to four years old because we did not move here until August of 2019. Prior to us moving here, the entire four acres was waste high weeds with one mesquite tree all the way at the top of the property. This used to be a part of a peanut farm.

Our soil is all sand for more than 300 feet down. Surprisingly, things grow pretty well here except for the heat and the gophers who pull plants under the ground to eat them. Because of this, a lot of plants are now grown in pots like potatoes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and ginger.

There are restrooms in the front of the property that you are welcome to use. If you get hungry or thirsty, we have snacks and drinks in the Farm Store.

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  • Chelsea Billings

    Good morning, my name is Chelsea Billings. I am the junior high ag teacher at Poteet Junior high school. I am emailing to see the possibility of bringing about 30 kids to your facility to learn about horticulture and plant growth. Please email me back when you get a chance or give me a call at 210-998-0297!
    Thank you.

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