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Buy winter garden seeds so next year you can have a cool weather array of produce at your house.

This page talks about what winter garden seeds from David's Garden Seeds® you might want to try planting. This list is if you live in zones 7 and higher (think South, like Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Southern California). They will probably work in zone six and in the other zones they might or might not grow.

This is a list of the varieties I suggest for growing in the winter time in zone 7 or higher. As I stated above, they will probably grow in zone 6. Anything lower and you will have to do some homework to find out if they will grow in your zone. But because these may not, it does not mean you cannot find something that will grow in your zone. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I have chosen an heirloom where it is available on my list below. But many hybrids will grow just as good if not better. Again, these are my recommendations.

Winter Vegetables

Beet --  Detroit Dark is the best all around beet.

Broccoli -- Waltham is my favorite.

Burdock --  Chiko

Cabbage -- Early Jersey Wakefield

Carrot  --  Little Finger is great because of its short size so it will mature faster

Cauliflower --  Amazing

Collard --  Georgia Southern

Fennel --  Florence (bulb type)

Greens --  Mache Vit

Arugula -- Plain Arugula

Mustard -- Southern Giant Curled

Kale -- Toscano

Kohlrabi -- Purple Vienna

Leek -- American Flag

Onion -- Texas 1015Y

Onion Bunching -- Tokyo Long

Parsnip -- All American

Pea --  Some will handle some cold, especially snow peas --  you will have to research these yourself

Radish -- Champion

Rutabaga -- American Purple

Salsify -- Mammoth Sandwich Island

Scorzonera -- Enorma

Shallot -- Matador

Spinach -- Bloomsdale Long Standing

Swiss Chard -- Rainbow

Turnip -- Purple Top White Globe

Winter Flowers

With flowers there are many varieties within each family. I have not grown any of them so I will list a link to to each one. These are according to Bob Webster who is the gardening guru for this area, not to mention a good friend.



Kale Ornamental




Winter Herbs

The below list is our recommended herb list to grow.  Each type contains several varieties so we have linked them to the page you will find them on.



Garlic can be grown in the winter time as well.

Mint is best grow in a container because where ever you plant it, it will take over.



Savory -- Winter


Cover Crops - Buy Winter Garden Seeds

Below are some cover crops we recommend for cold weather growing.

Crimson Clover

Hairy Vetch


For more information on how to buy winter garden seeds for your particular area, contact your local county extension agent or a university in your area that has an extensive agricultural program. Remember that we are located in South Central Texas and are used to growing year round. Not everything we put up will fly in the cold weather many of you experience.

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  • Sandra Palmer

    I live just north of San Francisco and my zone is 9b. California has zones from 5 to 10 and it’s all over the map. A lot of it has to do with how high you are rather than how northerly you are. For instance, we don’t normally get snow, maybe a light dusting once in ten years, (I’ve never seen it) but we have had a yard blooming with flowers and been driving to LA and I-5 is closed from heavy snowfall on the grapevine (very southerly part of I-5.)

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