Eggs For Sale

We have chickens on our farm and this fall, we will have lots more eggs! This past spring, we added an additional 39 chicks to our farm. Some are now 13 weeks old and will soon be starting to lay. The newer chicks are six weeks old and they will start laying eggs in about three more months.

We do not buy eggs from other people, although many have offered to let us sell eggs from them. We sell our own, washed eggs. We do not sell unwashed eggs as that goes against the rules that our county has.

Currently, on July 7, 2023, our delicious chicken eggs go for $2.00 for a carton of six or $4 for a dozen. Prices have come down in the stores so we have dropped our prices, although the price of feed has not come down. These are beautiful eggs in a variety of browns, blues, and greens. In the fall, we will be adding a few more egg colors to the mix with some new chicken varieties, including white!