Vegetable Gardening Made Easier

by David Schulze

Hi! My name is David and I started this site because I love to garden. I now have my own company, David's Garden Seeds®, where I sell high quality garden seeds to help you grow the backyard garden of your dreams.

Do you come home from work, tired and stressed out to the point that all you want to do is pop a frozen dinner in the microwave, toss back a few and sit and vegetate the rest of the evening in front of the T.V.?

Perhaps you have had a frustrating day dealing with your employees, boss, people in general, traffic, failure, children, spouse and the list goes on. You work hard but there seems to be little to show for all your efforts.

Then I suggest it is time for a new hobby: vegetable gardening! There is much to be said for running one's fingers through the soil, planting the seeds and nurturing the plants as they grow, and finally eating what you have grown.

As we work in the garden, the stress and frustration of the day will transfer itself from our fingers into the soil and be replaced by a feeling of contentment and joy.

Why? Because in the beginning we were all farmers. There is an inherent nature within us that cries out to grow something.

Vegetable Gardening Made Easier was about the fun, and talked about all the hard work we did putting in our garden. There was also some disappointment and frustration when our seeds did not take on the life we had hoped they would, or an insect or disease took out our plants.

This site has newer information. It was easier to start a new site than to go in and make all the changes we needed to do.

And there is always the heat for some areas. In temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the plants just will not do well no matter how much water we put on them.

Generally speaking, I have a lot of wasp nests around. I do not kill these wasps unless I have to because they are good insect killers.

In today’s market, it seems we pay almost $1 for a can of green beans. The can is half bean and half water. Even if you do not grow green beans, you can save a lot of money going to the store and buying them in bulk in the produce section. Then you can actually can them yourself for later use.

As you look through this vegetable gardening site, you may be getting ideas about your own garden. We have talked about mulching, composting and many other subjects.

More on Vegetable Gardening Made Easier

I have posted, and will post more as we go along, a lot of photos/videos for several growing seasons so we can see the before, during, and the after. We have experimented with different ideas and techniques just to see what happens.

As you will see, I have posted both the good and the bad. It would be easy for me to hide my mistakes but I will post them as well so that we can all learn from them.

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