Tomato Growing Tips

by David Schulze

With our tomato growing tips, you can now have a garden full of them in your backyard!

This page provides tomato growing tips. These tips have been practiced and learned over the years by David.

Tomato seeds are very easy to germinate. They will usually come up in 7 to 10 days at temps of 65 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Plant the seeds no more than 1/4 inch deep. Click here to see our tips on germination.

Over the years I have planted all types of tomatoes and they all did pretty good.  I have not had to worry about insects or diseases. I usually spray with insecticidal soap or hot pepper spray and it pretty much keeps the bugs away. 

There are many different types of organic sprays for fungus, insects and diseases on Amazon.  I alternate which ones I use. But nothing is guaranteed. As someone once said, "Gardening is like gambling, only the odds are worse."

Tomato Growing Tips

The first thing when planting tomatoes is to dig a long trench rather than a deep hole. This way more roots will grow.  More roots = strong plant.

Keep tomato limbs off the ground. Keep them dry to prevent diseases and fungus from growing. 

Pre-treat with safer soap/hot wax in order to keep insects from even starting.  Planting under a tunnel or greenhouse will help with the diseases and insects but this will make them susceptible to white powdery mildew.

This can be prevented by using just the right amount of fertilizer, pruning and spacing.

Phosphorus is one of the key ingredients in growing tomatoes. When we dug our well, they pump out the sand from 380 feet. We tested this sand and found out it has a high phosphorus count. I am looking forward to using this in our garden.  Also the water has a high phosphorus count with lots of nitrogen as well. It is looking like the water here will be excellent for growing things. 

Already the plants we were watering with city water are looking a lot better. We planted some tomatoes for grafting that seem to have shot up overnight. I hope I can still graft with them.

There are many YouTube videos with many suggestions for growing tomatoes.

Click here to visit Howard Garret's (known as The Dirt Doctor) tomato page.  He offers a lot of information on growing everything.

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