Fall Garden Planted

by David Schulze

Fellow gardeners it has been hot here in South Texas. 100 plus for days and days. For this reason I waited and waited to plant my fall garden. I had not been too worried about it, for looking at the weather charts, I don't think we are getting a freeze this winter.

We have been planting beans for a few weeks now and they are looking good. If even 1/4 of the plants produce, we will get a ton of beans. Which is okay because I like beans. We will try to sell some locally as well. We have planted bush and pole in three colors: green, red and yellow. Here is a picture. These are about 10 days old.

Green bean growing at David's Garden Seeds Farm

 Because of the heat we were not able to get out and put the time into the garden like I wanted to. It was looking bad. But this week, thanks to Nacho, Seth, Matthew and Brendon, it has been put back into shape. We are now ready to start tours back up. These will no longer be free but will cost $5. Come to visit us at the farm.

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