CowPots vs Black Pots

by David Schulze

First of all, we do not sell either of these as a mail order item but we do carry in our store as part of a kit.  But our price is higher even when we buy in quantity lots to get a good price.  So we leave it to others to sell as mail order item.

I first found about CowPots from the show called Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. I was intrigued that they could take cow poop and make something good from it. 

The farm is a dairy farm. They feed their cows organic food so the CowPots are organic. It is hard to say how much nitrogen is in the CowPots since it depends on the actual cow and its poop.

But you can transplant your plant, CowPot and all, and not have to fertilize it for the first few weeks.

Click here to see the CowPot episode on Dirty Jobs.

Established on a Connecticut dairy farm in 1997, CowPots are a 100% American made product. Made from cow manure, they are also 100% biodegradable and renewable. They are a high quality, eco-friendly alternative for seed starting and transplanting seedlings.

CowPots are not only a biodegradable, transplantable replacement for plastic pots, but have additional benefits as well. CowPots last in a greenhouse setting for up to 12 weeks.

Roots easily penetrate the walls of the pot, eliminating transplant shock, and they rapidly breakdown after transplanting providing the goodness of manure to the garden.

With no plastic to clean up or dispose of, transplanting is quick and convenient.

Dig the hole, drop the pot in water with a transplant solution and you are ready to go.

CowPots VS Black Pots

But plastic pots have three distinct advantages over CowPots.

Price: They are cheaper. About .25 cents for a four inch plastic pot and about $1 for a 4 inch CowPot.

Reusable: Black pots are reusable where as CowPots are not. You use them once and that is it.

Watering: With black pots you can get 5 to 6 days between watering. With CowPots, 2 days since they tend to dry out faster.

When I can, I use CowPots.

One more thing comes to mind. If you are planning on re-selling your plants, then plastic is better since CowPots start to decompose as soon as water hits them.  They may start to fall apart before you sell them.

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