Corn Dent Trucker's Favorite White 100 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds

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Corn Dent Trucker's Favorite White 100 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds

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Eight to 9 foot plants produce 8 to 10 inch ears with 14 to 18 rows of white kernels. Heat tolerant. Stays fresh for a long time. Field dent corn that is excellent for roasting in the milk stage, frying or used as a dent. Harvest in about 110 days. Germination rate about 80% or better. These are treated with a coating that helps them to germinate.

This is an heirloom seed, meaning it has been passed down from generation to generation for at least 75 years. As a rule, heirloom seeds taste better and will grow the same year after year.

These are also open pollinated meaning they will reproduce themselves. While all heirlooms are open pollinated not all open pollinated seeds are heirlooms.

Companion planting is planting seed varieties near each other to benefit one or more of the plants. Some plants benefit each other by attracting beneficial insects, keeping away unwanted bugs. Others aid in pollination. Some plants have working relationships with each other and others have antagonistic (hostile) relationships.

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Our Non-GMO seeds are sustainable. Our packaging is environmentally friendly, climate friendly, reusable, and recyclable. David’s Garden Seeds is a Veteran owned business that has been offering quality seeds since 2009.

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We recommend you check with experts (like your County Extension Agent) in your area for the best growing practices before you plant.

Freshly Packed: These seeds are packed for the current growing season and will provide high germination rates next year as well.

David's Garden Seeds® is a member of the GO TEXAN agriculture program.

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