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This page talks about All American Selections which is an organization that ranks seeds. These seeds are supposed to be the best available, if you can find them. While there are many that have been chosen, we will focus on the ones David's Garden Seeds® carries.

Independent AAS Judges determine the AAS Winners by judging and scoring the entries. Judges look for significantly improved qualities such as earliness to bloom or harvest, disease or pest tolerance, novel colors or flavors, novel flower forms, total yield, the length of flowering or harvest and overall performance. In the last ten years, an entry needs to have at least two significantly improved qualities to be considered by Judges for an AAS Award.

The Judges score each entry from 0 to 5 points, with 5 being the highest. Only entries that meet scoring criteria is considered for a possible Award. New, never-before-sold varieties with proven superior qualities are announced three times each year as AAS Winners.

The AAS organization was founded in 1932.

There are over 500 winners but I will only list the ones we sell.

We just started listing these on December 6, 2020 so it will take some time to finish.

All American Selections Vegetable Winners

Bean Bush: Cherokee Wax, Greencrop, Improved Commodore, Topcrop

Bean Lima: Fordhook 242

Bean Pole Kentucky: Wonder, Seychelles

Beet: Avalanche, Queen

Cantaloupe: Honey Rock

Carrot: Imperator, Purple Haze F1, Thumbelina

Cauliflower: Snow Crown F1

Corn: Ambrosia, American Dream, Stowell's Evergreen

Cucumber: Diva, Parisian F1, Salad Bush, Saladmore Bush F1, Straight 8

Eggplant: Patio Baby (we grew this but it was mostly seeds so we dropped it), Gretel F1, Hansel F1, Fairy Tale F1

Leafy Greens:  Mizuna Red Kingdom F1, Mustard Greens Greenwave, Southern Giant Curled

Lettuce:  Buttercrunch, Red Sails, Ruby, Salad Bowel

Okra:  Clemson Spinless, Red Burgundy

Pak Choi:  Asian Delite

Pea:  Sugar Ann, Sugar Snap

Pepper: Carmen F1, Escamillo F1, Flaming Flare F1, Mad Hatter F1, Pretty and Sweet F1

Pumpkin: Baby Bear, Orange Smoothie F1, Wee-Be-Little

Radish:  Champion, Cherry Belle, Roxanne F1

Spinach:  Giant Nobel

Squash Summer:  Early Prolific Straightneck

Squash Winter: Bonbon, Delicata, Honey Bear, Sugaretti, Sunshine, Waltham Butternut

Swiss Chard:  Bright Lights

Tomato:  Big Beef, Cardinal, Celebrity, Chef's Choice Green F1, Chef's Choice Orange F1, Jasper F1, Jubilee, Juliet, Mountain Merit F1, Valentine F1

Turnip: Just Right, Tokyo Cross

Watermelon: Cal Sweet Bush F1, Harvest Moon F1, Mini Love F1

Zucchini: Black Beauty, Caserta, Eight Ball, Fordhook Zucchini

Herb Winners

Basil Dark: Purple Ruffles out, Siam Queen

Dill: Fernleaf

Flower Winners

Alyssum: Royal Carpet

Columbine: McKana Giant

Cosmos: Radiance

Forget Me Not: Firament

Hollyhock: Indian Spring, Summer Carnival

Marigold:  Queen Sophia

Morning Glory:  Scarlet O'Hara

Rudbeckia:  Cherokee Sunset, Indian Summer, Prairie Summer

Sunflower: Ring of Fire, Soraya

Tithonia:  Torch

Zinnia:  Queen Lime Orange

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    Hello Juanita, I noticed a spelling error you may want to correct. On the page for All American Selections go down to vegetable winners. The Lettuce winners list has lettuce bowel instead of lettuce bowl. Please do not publish. I just thought you would want to know.

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