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by Juanita Schulze

The back of our farm at sunset.


Welcome to Davids Garden Seeds Farm! We bought our property in July of 2019 and moved to the country in the middle of August 2019.

In July of 2020, we moved our business from San Antonio to our Davids Garden Seeds Farm. In fact, our business is the first thing you see when you enter our gate. It consists of six buildings. Turn left into the parking lot and find a space. Stay off of the sand on our farm so you don't get stuck. Just stay on the nice driveway and parking lot we have provided and you will be fine.

The David's Garden Seeds® Gate

Three years ago, our farm was four acres of land filled with sand, waist high weeds, and one mesquite tree up on the hill. Today, we have our home, buildings galore, farm animals, our business, a greenhouse, garden beds, hoop houses, a pond with a gazebo, and our store.

You can shop for your favorite garden seeds and pick up some farm fresh eggs from our 28 hens. Take a tour of Davids Garden Seeds® Farm and you will be shown around by one of our guides. Yes, you must be accompanied by one of our employees per our liability insurance.

You can visit our fish, our chickens, our two guineas, and our rabbits. Relax and sit in the gazebo as you watch our fish swim by. Count the frogs on the lily pads as you enjoy the sound of our waterfall. Hear the wind chimes blow gently in the breeze. See the hummingbirds stop by for some nectar.

See what we have growing in our raised beds and see how we plant and have our greenhouse set up.

Purchase some of our delicious strawberry preserves made exclusively with Poteet strawberries. Get a jar of our homemade pickles or other pickled vegetables. Pick up a snack and a cold drink from our store refrigerator. See what's growing in the grow tower in our store. Enjoy our seasonal decorations.

Mrs. DGS in one of our new black caps.

Meet Mrs. David's Garden Seeds® and purchase one of our green or black trucker caps in our Farm Store.

Davids Garden Seeds Farm Store

Our beautiful farm store.

Come in and visit our farm store for seed set collections, individual seed packs, preserves, pickles, eggs, caps, starter trays, starter pots, germination mix, germination trays, garden notebooks, and germination kits.

We have water, soda, Gatorade, juice, and tea in our store refrigerator. We also have chips, cookies, and candy for purchase. You can sit out in our gazebo and enjoy a snack while you listen to the water.

Explore our seed set collections in foil packaging. These make great gifts for any occasion.

We have a lot of flower seeds, herb seeds, some fruit seeds, and vegetable seeds. There is a grow tower in the store so you can see how our seeds do in hydroponics. Occasionally, we have plants for sale that we have grown. Davids Garden Seeds Farm Store is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

Production Building

The Production Building is where seeds are counted and packed and where envelopes are created. Matthew, our Production Manager, is a friendly guy who runs things over there. He also happens to be the songwriter, singer, and musician in our TV commercial. Oh, did I mention that he is our son?

Fulfillment Building

The Fulfillment Building is where we store seeds and ship out orders. Depending on the day of the week, the place is full of activity. Monday is always the busiest day because we are closed on weekends. Sunday is the day when most of our online orders are placed. Matthew also manages the Fulfillment Building.

We have two smaller buildings with seed storage. So many seeds, so little time!

Gazebo And Pond

Our pond with falls.

This year, we built a rectangular gazebo next to the Davids Garden Seeds farm store. It has a pond with falls on the outside and another pond in the middle of it. The two ponds are connected by a stream so the fish can swim back and forth. The gazebo has built in seats for enjoying the water and fish. (No going in the water!)

We have some goldfish and koi fish swimming around. There were a lot of frogs that came to visit but they seem to be gone now. We did not bring any of the frogs in. They invited themselves.



David built a simple PVC and plastic greenhouse that is tall like a high tunnel in the back. On the tour, you will get to go in and see how it is constructed. You will also get to look at the plants and the raised beds that are in the greenhouse. You can see our fans and heaters depending on the time of year you come.

There is always something growing in the greenhouse.

Hoop Houses

We have many hoop houses around the property now. Shadecloth keeps a lot of the intense sun off of the plants. Depending on the time of year, there is usually something growing in most of the raised beds. You can go in and see what we are growing.

Many of the raised beds in the hoop houses are filled with the sand that is here naturally. We amend the sand with compost that we make as well as fertilizer. Most of the raised beds are covered in weed barrier now to make it easier to keep up with weeding.

Raised Beds Around The David's Garden Seeds Farm

You will notice raised beds near the gate to David's Garden Seeds as well as near the store and behind some of our buildings. We even have some by our driveway and by our generator. There is usually something growing in all of them. Right now, we are in the process of building more of them.


We have rabbits who, from time to time, have litters of babies. So depending on when you visit, you may get to see some baby rabbits.

We have two guineas. They lay eggs but have not hatched any yet. They are extremely noisy.

We have 28 hens in six varieties, who lay delicious farm fresh eggs in blues, greens, pinks, off whites, and several shades of brown. Our chickens like to peck each other so sometimes, they are missing feathers. You can buy the farm fresh eggs in our farm store. They have beautiful dark yolks and taste great. Every now and then, we get double yolks.

Our Orchard

Right now, our orchard has about 100 baby trees in it, behind the greenhouse and hoop houses. It was put in right after Snowpocalypse left at the end of February of 2021. The winter of 2022 in February took out many trees including all of our citrus but one blood orange tree. We have not had any oranges from that tree.

Take A Tour Of Davids Garden Seeds Farm

We give tours of our farm and our business. You may see the occasional snake, spider, gopher, or mouse as you tour the farm. All tours must be with a guide. Please do not take a self tour. We have found several people out back doing their own tour which is not allowed due to our insurance. If you want a free tour, just come into the farm store and ask for one. We will be happy to show you around. We are kind of proud of our farm!

When we bought this land in 2019, it was part of a big peanut farm. After the owner passed away, his sons split it up and we bought the last piece. We sold our home in San Antonio and moved in two and a half weeks later. Of course, at the time, we had to move into a green shed which you can see. We lived there for almost a month until Palm Harbor delivered our double wide and put it together.

We were so happy to get out of that hot shed in August and have some room. We love our home but Palm Harbor would not work with us at all to get us moved in quickly. So each day, we were in our shed but looking out the window, there was our home, sitting there, but not put together. They finally sent one man out and it took him six business days to put it together. He did not work weekends. They finally let us move in and then we had to wait two more days for the air conditioner people to arrive with an air conditioner. During this time, we had someone hook up our huge generator. We had lots of 100° plus that summer. This is Texas!

Then we had to wait two more months for real electricity to be installed. Yes, four months of waiting is typical out here.

Our home and yard are not part of the tour, but you will see it as you pass by. Please be respectful and stay with your guide. You may see or hear our dogs while you pass by our home. They love to bark at people. But if you go inside their yard, they will jump all over you. Most of the time, they are inside. They think we keep the house just for them! However, you are a stranger to them. They do not know you and could possibly bite you, just like any dog you do not know.

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