What Are GMO Seeds?

by Juanita Schulze

There is a lot of talk about the danger of GMO Seeds. Most of the customers who come into our physical store in San Antonio ask us if our seeds are GMO. We always respond with the truth--All of our seeds are Non-GMO. In fact, we took the Safe Seed Pledge years ago.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO seeds occur when the breeder has taken different attributes of different families of seeds, thus changing the DNA make-up of the new seed. There is a lot of controversy over whether this is right or not. Currently the only vegetables they have done this with are corn varieties and squash varieties.

Many scientists say GMOs are safe and are helpful to feed more people than ever before. There are a lot of people who are concerned about genetically modified seeds ruining the food chain. This is understandably scary. We want to eat healthy food to keep our bodies healthy. 

When we start eating food grown from genetically modified seeds, we now know that there are side effects such as cancer, birth defects, infertility, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and malnutrition. Some believe autism and ADHD may also be linked to eating food from GMOs. There are many reports that GMOs are polluting our bodies of water and killing off bees that pollinate our food.

You can do a simple Google Search and find thousands of articles on the use of GMOs.

GMO Seeds

Most people do not realize that to obtain a license to sell GMO seeds, it costs thousands of dollars. David's Garden Seeds® does not have this license and we do not want it. We want people to feel safe growing healthy and delicious food for their families, just as we do for our family.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine "calls for:

    • A moratorium on GM food, implementation of immediate long term safety testing and labeling of GM food.

    • Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community and the public to avoid GM foods.

    • Physicians to consider the role of GM foods in their patients' disease processes.

  • More independent long term scientific studies to begin gathering data to investigate the role of GM foods on human health."

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