Deter Garden Pests

by Juanita Schulze

You may be wondering how to deter garden pests in your backyard. Herbs, flowers, and the white icicle radish can help with combating them. You simply plant them among your garden vegetables. Some of them repel garden pests while others attract beneficial insects who will eat the pests. This is called Companion Planting.

Is that a lady bug in the picture above. No! It is a Mexican Bean Beetle. It looks like a lady bug but its head is much longer.


Plants To Deter Garden Pests

Plant the following plants throughout your garden to keep garden pests out of your vegetable garden:

Chives will ward off aphids.

Cilantro aka Coriander will ward off aphids.

Garlic repels Japanese beetles.

Horseradish repels potato bugs.

Hyssop repels the cabbage moth.

Lavender deters ticks, as well as moths and mice.

Marigolds repel the bean beetle and nematodes. Marigold must be established for a whole year before they will work on nematodes.

Mint repels the flea beetle and the cabbage moth. (Keep a careful eye on any type of mint as it tends to take over the entire bed.)

Nasturtium flowers will repel aphids, bean beetles, squash bugs, and beetles from your vegetables. The aphids love nasturtium so they will go on the flowers.

Oregano repels the cabbage moth.

Pot Marigold will repel asparagus beetles and tomato hornworm.

Rosemary repels the carrot fly, the cabbage moth, mosquitoes,  and the bean beetle.

Rue repels flies and Japanese beetles.

Sage repels the carrot fly and the cabbage moth.

Santolina repels moths.

Southernwood repels the cabbage moth and fruit tree moths.

Tansy will repel ants, Japanese beetles, the cabbage moth, and squash bugs.

Thyme repels the cabbage moth.

White Icicle Radish should be planted around your squash and zucchini to keep squash bugs and cucumber beetles off of the squash and cucumbers. Squash bugs hate white icicle radishes.

Winter Savory repels bugs in general so it is good to plant small amounts throughout your garden beds.

Wormwood keeps cabbage worms, slugs, carrot rust flies, black flea beetles, and white cabbage butterflies off of greens, lettuce, and cabbage.

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