We Just Found Out

by David Schulze

This is David from David's Garden Seeds. It is October 6, 2023. I was poking around and found out that people have been leaving comments, some we needed to answer, and we never knew it. My deepest apologies, especially for those we needed to reply too. Email us at davidsgardenseeds.com for any questions and we will get them answered. Those of you wanting rulers send us a request with your name and address.

One of the things that really irritates me is to ask a question on someone's website, Facebook or YouTube channel and not get an answer. We try not to do this, but we failed in this case. Sometimes we do get to many questions or comments to answer them all but we do our best.

We are new to Shopify and finding out more about it everyday. But it seems as soon as we learn something, they change it.

From this day forward, we will endeavor to pay more attention.

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