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Plants Live

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    These are live plants that we carry at our nursery located at 5029 FM2504, Poteet, Texas. We are 12 miles from Poteet, located by the small town of Rossville.

    We do not ship or deliver plants.

    We grow our plants organically using only organic fertilizers, fungicides and when necessary, insecticides. These are safe for humans and animals. When we have to use an insecticide, we make sure it is safe for bees and/or spray at night to make sure we do not endanger them.

    We have vegetable, fruit, flower and herb plants. No trees or shrubs.

    Our plants have an adjustable price. As they grow bigger, the price goes up, but in most cases, never above $3.95. Some plants do cost more like the citronella, ghost peppers and other specialty plants.

    Stop by and check out our seed store, pecan treats, chicken eggs, free coffee tasting, fresh in season vegetables (email us at to see what we currently have) and visit our animals which are chickens and rabbits at this time.

    We have rabbit poop which is a great fertilizer.

    We carry an assortment of drinks and snacks.

    We have an indoor growing tower where you can pick your own greens. We will try to post a picture of what is available on it.

    See our raised beds with all kinds of things growing in the. We have the worlds largest raised bed at 354 feet long by 8 feet wide by 12 inches deep. We don't really know if it is worlds largest.

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