Buy Small Batch Packed Food

by David Schulze

Home-canned home-grown foods look beautiful and it is a comfort to know your family will eat even when store shelves are empty.

Here is a list of all the home-canned foods we have for sale.

As of 5-10-21, we will only sell in our store.  Demand has been better than we thought. We are only producing enough for our store operations. The only exception to this is the strawberry preserves. We got carried away and made way too much of it. Actually, we had no clue how many jars we could get from a five gallon bucket of strawberries.

As the season progresses, we hope to have some fresh produce for sell as well.

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These will last for years when kept in a cool place. Because of the process we use, we do not add preservatives and all the other stuff you find in foods today. The longer the product sits, the more the color will change. But the food will still be excellent.

We planted a lot of stuff this week for processing. We planted several colors of carrots and beets, onions, broccoli, and cauliflower. Some how we got garlic in. I put an order in several months ago and forgot about it. So we will be planting garlic as well.  And we have a lot of other stuff to get planted for the season.

All the products we have planted will be available as pickled or as a preserve.

We received our commercial oven and vent hood today. We are still waiting on the three compartment sink. 

(UPDATE:  The sink arrived in a box with no packing material. Needless to say it was damaged beyond repair. So we will have to order another one. Two more weeks.) Then we will be ready to apply for our license. When we are pickling, we do not need a license. But since we are canning, which involves high heat, then we have to have a license. (UPDATE: Cottage laws have changed considerably since we wrote this. We no longer have to have a permit but we paid the fee to have them come in and inspect us anyway.)

After two weeks the sink arrived. It was a miniature three compartment sink that our pots would not even fit in. After another two weeks the right sink arrived.

For the spring of 2021, we have been hampered a bit by cool weather.  Who would have thought that in Texas we would be running into planting delays due to cooler weather? Even today, May 12, the high is only going to be 78. I am not complaining. It is quite nice.