Tomato Plants Are Ready For Spring 2024

by Juanita Schulze


We have tomato plants ready. This year they will $7.95 no matter the size or how many you purchase.
Before you accuse us of highway robbery keep the following in mind.
We grow our own which means we do it by hand instead of machine like the big boys do. This is labor intensive. Labor is not cheap.
Due to the cold snap, and the fact that we have to keep the temperature at least 55 degrees for the plants to grow, we have added electrical and propane gas charges. Electricity has gone up from last year and so has the propane gas.
We added more electrical outlets for more heat and other improvements to the greenhouse. Added more heaters.
We had to replace the pump on the water well.
Property taxes have gone up. No matter how many times Texans vote to decrease the rate, the tax people just raise the value to cover the difference. Something they and politicians think Texans are too stupid to figure out.
Seeds, planters and trays have all gone up in price.
The germination mix we use has gone up in price.
Fertilizer has gone up in price.
There are many other miscellaneous expenses that go into maintaining a greenhouse.
Our price we be $7.95.
But you have to look at the value. One plant has the ability to produce at least 15 pounds of home grown, great-tasting tomatoes. Not like the wax tasting stuff you buy in the store.
This is about .55 cents per pound. When was the last time you paid .55 cents for a pound of tomatoes?
The value far exceeds the price of the plant.
I hope you have a great growing season.

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